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Curriculum Aids

Big Shot: From Bully to Victim by Karen Dean
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What happens when the bully becomes the victim!

Bossing everyone else around became a bad habit for the main character in Big Shot. Other students were afraid of him because of his mean actions, words, and stares. He didnít care who he hurt or made cry, both girls and boys. He wanted to be in control as much as possible.

It was going exactly as he wanted until one day, it all changed. He moved away and had to go to a new school. Then he worried about what he was going to have to go through. How would he be treated by the bullies at that school? After confessing his bullying to his Dad and counselor, he was told to apologize to the classmates at his old school. Even though it was hard, the apology helped the other students and helped him to understand the hurtful effect he had on others.

The discussion questions are a useful tool to help students verbalize how it feels to be annoyed or tormented by a bullyís actions and words. Seeing how quickly a bully can become a victim will help students be more aware of their ways.

Full Color, Brillant Illustrations
Soft Cover
8 x 10
36 Pages

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