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Selfish Sacrifices; Overcoming the Spirit of Abortion
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Selfish Sacrifice; Overcoming the Spirit of Abortion By Cynthia McLaurin

Selfish Sacrifices is about betrayal and absolute forgiveness. Join the author, Cynthia McLaurin as she takes you on a journey of coming to know and accepting the forgiving power of God after she, in her owns words, “commits murder, not once, but twice, through the act of abortion and how she overcame the torment and condemnation, the enemy of our souls, constantly assaulted her with, day and night for over 20 years, labeled today, as Post Abortion Syndrome.

Cynthia has two purposes for sharing her story. First to disclose the truth about abortion and the far reaching physical, emotional and spiritual scars left on its victims, so that an individual facing the choice will choose life and secondly to offer healing, to those who have suffered through abortion and have felt there was no way out of the anguish, hurt, guilt and humiliation they experience because of the procedure. Cynthia enthusiastically declares throughout her book, that not only will God forgive you and heal you, but He can use you to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies each year that would have otherwise been killed at the hands of an abortionist at the acquiescence of its mother.

“Selfish Sacrifices reads like a novel, a contemporary Christian thriller. I cried with Cynthia as she was molested and physically abused by her father. I was holding her hand as she laid on the table and cried out to the doctor to stop in the middle of the procedure and he just ignored her. My heart dropped, when she revealed, that she was pregnant again, and was considering a second abortion. I was on my knees with her when she cried out to the Father and surrendered to His unconditional love and forgiveness. It is scripturally sound and relevant for today. If you or someone you love is teetering on the pro-choice vs. pro-life issue, Selfish Sacrifices will help the right decision to be made—to choose life. If you have already made the choice and your heart is still aching because of it, buy the book, healing, hope and restoration is available to you today. I was convicted and overwhelmed. Until I read this book, I believed what a women did with her body, was her choice, and carrying a pregnancy to term or not, was one of those choices. I had to stop and repent right then and there, “Lord forgive me, for not holding life as a sacred gift, as you had intended it to be.” The last thing I have to say is BUY THE BOOK it will change your life forever.”

-Joyce Lewis
-Author of the Award Winning Haunz and Gertrude's Great Escape

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