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A Decision of the Heart By: Donna Rhine
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A Decision of the Heart

“He’s the epitome of all I didn’t want in a husband!”

1824 – Ypsilanti, Michigan Territory

Feisty and daring, Elizabeth Somers thrives on adventure. When tragedy strikes and she’s stranded with a broken ankle in the midst of a raging snowstorm, her carefree existence comes to an abrupt halt. An abominable snow-covered man rescues her from an icy grave, taking her to an abandoned cabin to wait out the storm. Elizabeth’s reputation is called into question once the small-town gossips get wind of their stay. Her life spins out of control. She’s powerless to stop it…

“Elizabeth, your mother and I have discussed this and agree. The only way to stop the rumors is for you to marry right away.”
She paled instantly, horrified by her father’s words. How could he even suggest such a thing?
An emphatic “No!” was her enraged reply.“
You’ll be married tonight, Elizabeth.”
Not tonight! I can’t marry him tonight!

A Decision of the Heart is not just a moving story of faith rising above suffering, slander, and life’s circumstances, it’s about a tender love that begins with a decision – A Decision of the Heart.

DONNA RHINE, having experienced firsthand the impact creative writing can have on an individual, is compelled to write. Whether she is creating novels, testimonials, memory booklets, or sketches for the drama team and other ministries, sharing her passion for writing is a huge part of her spiritual journey, drawing her ever closer to her Heavenly Father, the dearest friend she has ever known.

Donna resides in Michigan with Stephen, her cherished husband of thirty years, their son Joshua, dogs Cleopatra and Ebenezer, and turtles Spike and Spark. Their three daughters live close by with their husbands and Rhine's twelve grandchildren.

To God be the glory for the things He has done, is doing, and will do through this servant… Donna Rhine welcomes comments from her readers. She can be reached through her email at:

“Donna Rhine is an artist who colors her canvas with words. In A Decision of the Heart, she takes the reader back in time with a wonderfully compelling story of life and love. It’s impossible not to be drawn into the saga of the trials and struggles of a young couple in a very different and diffi cult time, sprinkled with the non-changing grace of the Lord. One can only hope that there will be many further offerings in the Michigan Chronicles series.”
-Rocky Barra, Pastor of Tri-City Christian Church, Canton, Michigan

ISBN: 978-1-934363-01-0
Softcover 6 x 9
416 pages

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