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Peace in the Pain, By Mary Jo Danyluk, MAC, LLPC
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Where Pain is inevitable…
Peace is possible.

Where the presence of Truth is
is the application of Peace
and the diminishment of pain.

~~~~~~Truth Therapy-A Therapeutic Approach to the Realness of Life~~~~~

“We are blessed to meet certain people in various seasons of our lives. Mary Jo Danyluk is truly one of those individuals. I have had the pleasure of knowing this gifted and talented young lady for the past couple of years. Ms. Danyluk has the heart of God and whose life is built upon the foundation of integrity, character, honesty, and compassion. Mary Jo has a passion for the hurting, neglected, and those that have been tossed upon the junk pile of life and forgotten. She has an anointing for looking into the hearts of people while sensing their hurt and pain. Mary Jo does not judge others from their past, only seeks to assist in helping them discover their destiny and purpose for life. A woman with the heart of God and my friend for life.” ~James J. Washington, Dean of Academic Affairs of ITT Technical Institute

"Mary Jo has found hope in the only One who can offer true Hope and in that hope comes peace. Through God's grace she has conquered many obstacles including abusive relationships, rejection, abandonment, and even homelessness. As the pages of the book reveal God's grace in the stories she shares, Mary Jo paints a beautiful picture of how she found peace in her pain. Now, she is revealing how you too can find peace in your pain. This book is a tool that can easily be applied to your life whether you are facing a storm or if you have come out on the other side. It is a book of inspiration that will encourage your faith and re-ignite your desire to see God's hand in every minute detail of your life and in a very tangible way. Using the models within the pages of this book will deepen the faith of most anyone. It is my prayer that this book brings others to Christ so that they can truly feel His love for them and they too can find Peace in their Pain." ~ Angela Hawke, Executive Director of The CARE Center

As a licensed counselor, I have come to see first hand in my own personal life and in the lives of others written within, that our distorted perceptions coupled with our narrow intellect do not see beyond the pain.

Oftentimes this lack of insight projects our lives into a space of disillusionment and discouragement; the result is an immobilization so that we are ineffective to fulfill our passion of purpose that burns within; therefore, our ‘reason for being’ diminishes…and becomes as smoldering embers.

Reigniting… …the hope is to obtain the variable necessary to rekindle what is about to die. The Hope…the One and only Hope is the fact that there is an availability of healing…somewhere and somehow.

Knowing the ‘where’ and ‘how’ is what I have found. Every time, without exception, when this remedy, Truth Therapy, has been administered, it has brought a resolve (beyond what I ever thought possible).

About the Author

Mary Jo Danyluk, MAC, LLPC holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is a State Licensed Counselor. Also to her credit is her work as an instructor at a nearby college educating students in the arena of Psychology and Social Psychology. She has counseled inmates for years in the jail of one of the most violent cities in America, thereby administering the truths found within Peace in the Pain, and is still witnessing the positive, life changing effects of the administration of Truth Therapy. Her purpose and passion in life are to see others come to an awareness of that which holds them captive, and begin to live a life of freedom based on the Truth.

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