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Spilling the Beans on Jesus, By LaVerne Moore-Salughter
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Spilling the Beans of Jesus

Written by LaVerne Moore-Salughter

This is a book complied of my personal encounters with God. It is written to inform the skeptics, the believers and nonbelievers, and those who are not sure what to believe when it comes to the unexplainable. I know that God is real. I have had encounters through dreams, visions, and discernment, auditory and inspirational writing. God can use any of us to warn others about unexpected events.

Since moving to Florida after several losses in my life, God has had the opportunity to use me beyond my imagination.

I have had several encounters with God that have proven to be true. At times I wasnít sure what to say to the persons that God was directing me to talk to. I was afraid, and I doubted myself. I would get the same question asked over and over again, "How do you know these thing about me?"

My response is always the same, "I cannot explain it, itís Godís business. Itís not about me, Itís all about Him. Iím just Spilling The Beans on Jesus.

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