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Humphrey's Shiny New Helmet! By Terri Evans
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Humphrey's Shiny New Helmet! Victorious Kingdom Kids Series - Book 1

It is the heart of every Christian pastor, parent, teacher and caregiver to share Salvation, the greatest gift of all with the children they love. But we often struggle with how to share this good news with our little one’s in an age appropriate manner, Humphrey and the Victorious Kids Series can help share this good news with our little one’s in an age appropriate manner.

In Humphrey’s Shiny New Helmet! Book - 1 in the Victorious Kingdom Kids Series, author, Terri Evans, weaves a vivid, action packed adventure of faith and perseverance while sharing God’s love and salvation, along with addressing important character keys, such as making wise choices and accepting responsibility for our actions. The story also conveys the negative consequences of greed, the positive outcome of sharing and evangelism, as well as the benefits of obedience. In a story full of twist and turns Humphrey and his dad, Hopeville’s town watchman, eagerly set out on Humphrey's long awaited treasure hunt. Will Humphrey find his real treasure?

As they reach their destination, a menacing shadow lurking in the distance catches the eye of Humphrey’s eye. His dad immediately sets out after the shadowy figure in fierce pursuit. Humphrey disobeys his father command and runs after him. When they reach the edge of a cliff, Humphrey falls head over heels into the evil, disgusting pit of Greedland! His father’s one and only hope is to have faith and pray that God will deliver Humphrey. While Humphrey’s father is at the edge of the cliff praying fervently, Humphrey is in the horrid pit of Greedland, faced with making crucial choices that will either lead him closer to his shiny new helmet and a way out or further away and deeper into the pit of Greedland.

The Victorious Kingdom Kids Series was inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18 and Terri’s zeal for children to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and walk in the fullness of their Salvation.
Humphrey’s Shiny New Helmet! addresses questions about salvation concluding with a personal invitation from Humphrey to his new friends to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Download free, bonus online resources at Humphrey’s Shiny New Helmet! Ministry Moments Devotional and Reading guide, Humphrey’s E³xcite (Expand, Elevate & Empower) Lesson Plans, Salvation Treasures Devotions and a Scriptural Index. A must have for any Parent, Teacher, Children’s Pastor or Caregiver introducing Salvation to 4-10 yrs olds!

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