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Curriculum Aids

Battle Lines, By: Dr. Jerry Yarnell
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Battle Lines

The battle lines were drawn. Preparations for the final conflict were being made on both sides. The preparation for the war was different on both sides. They were both preparing their weapons and stocking up their supplies. Their weapons were as different as their demeanors. On one side, there were many swords. Each had different words imprinted on the blade. The words were: Fear, Worry, Doubt and Condemnations. They had shields with the words: Lies, Power, Deceit, Self and Accusations. On the other side of the battle line, all the swords were labeled "God's Word." Every shield had these words printed around their perimeter: Truth, Righteousness and Peace.

This war between God's people and the enemy of our souls has been raging for as long as anyone can remember. It is fought in the individual lives of all who have ever lived. Many people never realized they were in a battle--that ultimately was a battle for life or death.

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