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Full Day Aspiring Christian Author Workshop (November 30th - Canton, Michigan)
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Aspiring Christian Author Workshop
1 day...
Exciting Information...
Great Fellowship with like minded individuals
Learn How to change the world, one life at a time through the power of the written word!

If you have a story to tell, a lesson to teach, or a message to share, then this workshop is for you.

Has God placed on your heart an undeniable desire to write, to teach or share your testimony, revelation or a truth from His word in a unique way? It could be that you have been called to change the world. How? Through the power of the written word! This workshop introduces participants to the different forms of publishing; from traditional to self-publishing and every form in between. We will cover how to get started writing, copyright law, titling your work and why that is important, cover design, layout, illustration, rights and registrations, e-books, competitively pricing your book, distribution, how to get into book stores, the necessity of marketing and building a platform to draw attention to your book. But most importantly it provides a God’s eye point of view as to why we must write, and why we must publish the words He has placed in our hearts.

When: Saturday, November 30, 2013 • 9:00am to 12:30pm
Where: Holiday Inn Express, 3950 S. Lotz Road, Canton, Michigan


How do I know it's good enough...Does it glorify God and make disciples. Does it encourage, edify, uplift or entertain in a Godly manner! But most importantly, did God tell you too?
How to start and complete the writing process - It's time to pick up the pen (or keyboard)!
Protecting Your Work - Copyright, ISBN, LCCN, DRM and more
Building a Final Product that will honor God - Editing, Layout, Illustration, Cover Design, Pricing
To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish this is the question...The answer is up to you. - Publishing 101; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Outreach - Letting people know about your book and why they need to read it!
Sales - It's not a bad word, really.
What about e-books? - Kindles, Book Nooks, Ipads, Smart Phone, Oh My!
Pulling it all together and working your plan.
Authorprenuership - The business of being an author
What else you need to know!

Presenter - Dr. Sabrina Adams, CEO and Publisher of Zoe Life Christian Communications

Sabrin started her publishing journey in 2002 after overcoming a battle with breast cancer she co-wrote and published her first book "The Hidden Treasures of My Kingdom Pals - The Treasure of Trust," a children's book. She co-wrote "The Treasure of Trust," with a friend, Julie Page, to assure that the spiritual inheritance she received through salvation as a first generation Christian was passed on to her children, just incase the cancer won. But it didn't, God did! The book sold over 5,000 copies before it even left the printer, and continues to bless children and those that love and care for them to this day. From that day to this, other aspiring Christian authors approached Sabrina regarding the book ideas that God had given them. So she formed Zoe Life Publishing in 2004, later the company expanded into distribution, and she formed Zoe Life Industries and again expanding in 2011 forming Zoe Life Christian Communication, a multi-media company, to communicate the message of “Zoe Life” to the world by every means available. Dr. Adams has help to successfully publish the works of 100s aspiring Christian authors, whose titles are distrusted around the world.

Space is very limited don't miss, stop wondering, take the leap of faith, trust God, register today, this may be the last seat available.

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