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Eclipse Of The Heart By Helen Canty
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Eclipse of the Heart

Eclipse of the Heart will reveal those hidden things that may be standing between you and a more fulfilling relationship with your Creator and those around you.

THERE ARE FIVE KEY EMOTIONS that can cause an eclipse of the heart; fear, denial, confusion, past hurts and unforgiveness. Canty draws upon her own life’s experience and pastorship to help the reader move beyond the pain and into the unconditional, loving and waiting arms of an Almighty God.

OFTEN, INWARDLY WE ARE AWARE—something is not quite right, but do we realize that those feelings can cause us to hide behind them.

  • Fear brings us into a condition or behavior pattern of helplessness and inactivity.
  • Denial is an act that causes us to contradict and disown the truth causing us to become prideful.
  • Confusion in the Mind causes disorder in our thought processes and inhibits godly insight.
  • Past Painful Emotions can bring about depression causing the heart to be covered—protecting it from future hurts.
  • Unforgiveness holds us captive to those who have hurt us and keeps us from moving forward.
  • Eclipse of the Heart will empower you to overcome the often hidden pains that cause us to have a stony heart, it will show you where to go to find healing, restoration and ultimately the freedom to walk in the fullness of life’s blessings.

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