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Emilee & The Forest Watcher's Alliance by Zerrod Andrews
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Emilee and her family are moving to a new city. She just didn’t want to believe it, but now it was really happening and she was not happy about it—at all. Emilee could only think about the friends she was leaving behind.

Emilee’s father tells her about their new home, the new friends she will make and new memories they will create together as a family, this cheers her up—a little.

The next day they pull up to their beautiful new house, Emilee thinks to herself, “This might not be so bad after all.” But as she unpacks she finds out that her best-friend Fizz, has gone missing.

Emilee is faced with a big choice that could possibly help Fizz find his way back home or could backfire, and cause both of them to be lost. She wishes to become a butterfly in order to save her best friend, but will her wish come true?

Come along with Emilee on a heroic journey to find Fizz, who ends up in Butterfly City—the home of, Fats, the meanest caterpillar you’ll never want to meet and his loyal followers—the Butterfly Society. She meets new friends and gains the trust of the Forest Watcher’s Alliance as they unite on a quest to rescue her best friend, Fizz, from Fats and the Butterfly Society.

5.5 x 8.5 Softcover
8 Black and White Illustrations
84 pages
Age 8 to 11

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