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The Chronicles of Cambralon - Throne of Fire
Code: 9781934363751
Price: $19.95
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An unforgettable tale of the transcendent bonds between an old king and his grandchildren; King Jathan is dying. His wicked son, Frasard, anxiously awaits his legitimate claim to Cambralonís throne and is already picking over the bones of his soonto- be-dead father. But in the face of Cambralonís uncertain future, King Jathan refuses to die. Instead, he is compelled to call his grandchildren to the castle to spend their final summer with him. Set against the backdrop of the historic kingdom of Cambralon, in the Room of Remembrance, King Jathan, servant of the Earthmaker, recites for the children from the ancient records of their ancestors, stories of fearless battles and heroic Cambralon warriors, of secret love, of wizards and dark lords, of talking wolves and dragons and an unusual speaking creature named Tiptye. Like teeming seeds sprinkled upon the tender hearts of his grandchildren, the stories get better and better and offer King Jathan hope that Cambralon will one day again be ruled by the righteous seed of the Earthmaker.

The Chronicles of Cambralon: Throne of Fire, is the first book in this magnificent, sweeping epic with an unforgettable portrait of the enduring strength of love, faith and the human spirit.

Includes Character Descriptions and Discussion Questions

Catagory: Christian Fantasy


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