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Christian Living

Dialogue with God, by Cheryl Wakes
Code: CL-0974825174
Price: $14.95
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Dialogue With God Cheryl Wakes

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Dialogue with God will cause you to search. We are human computers. Every human being has a search engine. It’s called the heart. Whether we recognize it, or not, there is always a search, in our heart. We search for answers to why and where and even who. When we break down, for whatever reason, we need to be overhauled. We pick up viruses of doubt and confusion. God becomes so distant to us that we began to question, does He know what’s happening? Why doesn’t He do something? Unlike the fool who says, “There is no God.”

In Dialogue with God Cheryl Wakes shares personal evidence of God’s existence. Wakes makes known the majesty, the love, and the power of God, experienced on an intimate level. God has control over EVERYTHING. Each why, where, and who rest in the sovereignty of His perfect will. Capitalize on the freedom you have to Dialogue with God. You will be surprised by what He reveals to you. Seeking God’s presence is rewarding beyond measure.

6 x 9 Softcover
ISBN 0-9748251-7-4

God's Secrets for Dream Fulfillment - By Cliffton Hubbard
Code: 9781934363607
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

God's Secrets for Dream Fulfillment
By Clifton Hubbard

Everyone has dreams. We’ve had them for as long as we’ve looked to the sky and dreamed of flying in rocket ships or the day we graduated from college on our way to successful careers. But are our dreams God’s dreams? In God’s Secrets for Dream Fulfillment!, Cliffton Hubbard shows us that for too long, many of us have been living under a “cloak of ignorance,” believing the lies of the devil, the world, and our own desires instead of seeking out God’s plan for our lives. It is only through turning our dream fulfillment over to our Heavenly Father and allowing Him to guide us on the path He has designed especially for us that we can ever be TRULY fulfilled, and as Hubbard explains through his own personal testimony and insightful Biblical knowledge, God’s dreams are more powerful and magnificent than anything we can imagine!

Soft Cover
188 pages
ISBN 978-1-934363-60-7


What's Your Excuse By: Michael Saunders
Code: CL-9781934363096
Price: $12.00
Quantity in Basket: none

What’s Your Excuse?

We’ve all heard the excuses—“I’m too messed up for God,” “You can’t prove God exists,” “Christians are mean and intolerant, and I’m very open-minded”—and the list goes on and on.

What’s Your Excuse? answers this question for:

  • The non-believer who is seeking God. In What’s Your Excuse?, Michael Saunders uncovers and de-bunks many of the “myths” that non-believers use as justification for not turning to God and attempts to shine a light of truth for those who are honestly seeking it.
  • The new believer desiring to grow in their personal walk with Christ, whether they have just started walking with the Lord 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago. What’s Your Excuse? asks and answers many of the hard questions believers are often afraid to ask.
  • The mature believer who is looking for effective ways to share the Good News with a skeptical world.

So, like the title says—what’s your excuse?


When Sin Abound, By Dolores Jackson
Code: 9781934363775
Price: $18.95
Quantity in Basket: none

When Sin Abounds: Get Naked and Bare All Before God
By Evangelist Dolores Jackson

The world is a scary place these days, rampant with sin, violence, and an overall disdain for the Word of God. As His children, however, we are not given to a spirit of fear, and it is up to us to shine the blazing light of God’s glory. Before we can let that fire glow, however, we need to make sure we have our relationship with Him on track. In When Sin Abounds: Get Naked and Bare All Before God, Dolores Jackson goes to the very essence of our spiritual walk, exploring pride and the origin of sin; it is only by allowing God to see into every corner of our soul that we can truly be free from sin, and by laying ourselves bare before our Heavenly Father, we can experience the greatest joy of our lives. Through Word-based exposition and prayer, personal anecdotes, and practical teachings about the world we live in, Jackson provides a solid foundation for both new Christians beginning their journey and believers searching for a deeper and more substantial relationship with the Lord, offering hope and insight to a fulfilling life that reflects God’s love.

Softcover, 204 Pages
ISBN 9781934363775


Battle Lines, By: Dr. Jerry Yarnell
Code: CL-9781934363430
Price: $10.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Battle Lines

The battle lines were drawn. Preparations for the final conflict were being made on both sides. The preparation for the war was different on both sides. They were both preparing their weapons and stocking up their supplies. Their weapons were as different as their demeanors. On one side, there were many swords. Each had different words imprinted on the blade. The words were: Fear, Worry, Doubt and Condemnations. They had shields with the words: Lies, Power, Deceit, Self and Accusations. On the other side of the battle line, all the swords were labeled "God's Word." Every shield had these words printed around their perimeter: Truth, Righteousness and Peace.

This war between God's people and the enemy of our souls has been raging for as long as anyone can remember. It is fought in the individual lives of all who have ever lived. Many people never realized they were in a battle--that ultimately was a battle for life or death.


Is Your Church Heavenly?
Code: CL-9781934363348
Price: $17.94
Quantity in Basket: none

Is Your Church Heavenly (Book and Study Guide Combo)

"Is Your Church Heavenly?" is a current day application of Christ’s seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation. Each chapter opens with Scripture, gives background on the city, offers expository discussion, poses challenging questions, shares antidotal stories and presents application ideas. John began writing this book while waiting for Jesus to return to Galilee in January, 2005. Everyone involved with "Is Your Church Heavenly?" hopes and prays that this book will help bring the light of Christ into your church and into the world.


Living for God and Not for Ourselves
Code: CL-9781934363287
Price: $7.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Living for God and Not for Ourselves

“If you want to stop the drama in your life then it has to be God’s way….”

Those are the words of a woman who overcame a host of personal challenges to share her testimony in these pages, Living for God and Not for Ourselves. Andrea Marciele Jackson offers a candid, witty, sometimes humorous but always Word-directed account of what it means to make a commitment to the Lord. And she does this by giving us a very user friendly prescription to follow.

Andrea’s prescription is found in the problem. She shows us, for instance, how easily we can wrap a lie in to another lie when the sin of adultery gets hold of our life. And how, despite being a victim of childhood sexual abuse (the cause for so many problems later in life), one can still find her way to Christ….


Kingdom Dreaming - By Pastor Christopher Brooks
Code: CL-9781934363386
Price: $10.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Kingdom Dreaming - Unleashing Your God Given Purpose and Passion
Pastor Christopher Brooks

If you could do one great thing with your life in order to bring God glory before you died what would it be?

This seemingly simple question, asked in the first few pages of Kingdom Dreamer, forms the basis for Christopher W. Brooks’ guide to helping every Christian achieve their God-given potential and bring glory to His name. As a successful pastor, broadcaster and mentor, Brooks has spent years counseling and coaching seekers of God’s truth to find the life purpose He has placed deep within their hearts. Everyone has a Kingdom Dream—a calling and a motivation that goes beyond worldly selfishness and instead, serves to glorify our Father in Heaven. In this book, Pastor Brooks calls on every Christian to actively search for that Dream, immersing him or herself in prayer, Scripture and fellowship with other Dreamers to truly become not what the world wants but what God has ordained.

About the Author

Christopher Brooks - Detroit, Michigan
Christopher W. Brooks has been enthusiastically involved in ministry for nearly twenty years. In that time, he has ministered to thousands through pastoring, speaking at workshops and conferences, as well as through the ministry of Equipped for Life Media. With it’s outlets in television, internet and international radio broadcasts, Pastor Brooks has touched the lives of millions with his encouraging yet, challenging messages that bring to life the pure Word and Power of the Gospel.

Category: Christian Living, Practical Life, Personal Growth
Format: Paper Back
Language: English
Size: 8.5 X 5.5 Inches
Page Count: 192
ISBN 978-1-934363-38-6


Hostile Takeover By: Cedric Dukes
Code: CL-9781934363690
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Hostile Takeover Manifesting God's Plan and Purpose for Your Finances

Author - Cedric Dukes

At no time in our recent history has the economic situation both in the United States and the international community been in such crisis. Families everywhere are facing foreclosures, bankruptcies, and unemployment at a growing rate. What we need is to take control of our finances and regain our stability. In Hostile Takeover - Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances, Cedric Dukes goes back to basics and reminds us that EVERYTHING is in God’s hands, and that the only path out of any crisis is to look to Him for guidance. Here, Dukes offers biblically sound advice on such daunting financial topics as budgeting, investing, and inheritances. He even explains tithing by giving the practice its proper spiritual foundation and making it clear why this is such a necessary catalyst for our lives. By connecting all the dots to the greatest financial adviser—our Heavenly Father—Dukes shows us how to turn our money troubles around by a hostile takeover and to manifest God’s plan and purpose for your personal finances.


The Story of Bella - By Allen "Buddy" Shuh
Code: CL-Bella
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none

The Story of Bella

The Story of Bella is a story of hope and of trusting in a God who is greater than the pain; it is a story about faith, about dealing with the hard places in life, even if it does not turn out the way you want it to. But most of all, it is a story about love. The unrelenting love of a mother and father for their child, the love and support of friends, family, and even strangers, and the love of God who sees our hurts and cares for our deepest pain. The Story of Bella will make you cry, laugh, and hope for a better tomorrow, while realizing that today is worthy to be celebrated. For someone who graced the earth for such a short period of time, Bella will touch your heart and change you forever.

"Buddy finds a delicate balance in candidly sharing the reality of a tragic life experience, yet also offering hope, encouragement, and comfort to those who may be in their dark hour. The fact that the Shuhs never let go of their grip on God and His Word is inspiring and a great example to us all."
Associate Pastor Mike Majeski
Agape Family Worship Center, Canton Michigan


Delivered by Grace by Beverly Armstrong
Code: CL-9780977944552
Price: $18.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Delivered by Grace Beverly Armstrong

In today’s world, grace is a precious commodity that is often overlooked. In Delivered by Grace, Beverly Armstrong eloquently conveys the many glorious facets of one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Using Biblically-based teachings and divinely inspired poetry, this book explores all of the areas in which God’s grace can give us victory in life. Delivered by Grace illustrates how grace is necessary in our thought lives, our bodies, how we interact with others and how we choose to let others interact with us. This author reminds us that even in dismal circumstances or the most mundane routines, God’s grace is suffi cient to meet our every need. These messages clearly demonstrate that if we are to fully experience the abundant life our Heavenly Father promises to us through His word, we must let His grace surround, sustain and ultimately deliver us.

ISBN 978-0-9779445-5-2
6 x 9
280 pages


Struck Down, but Not Destroyed
Code: CL-9781934363171
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Struck Down, but Not Destroyed

At 27, Roxanne Smith had it all—promising career, great health, engaged to a wonderful man—then it all changed. Smith was suddenly and unexpectedly struck down by degenerative disc pain, a debilitating condition that rendered her almost paralyzed in excruciating back pain. As her pain progressed, Smith vowed that when God had healed her of her condition, she would write a book, praising Him and His miraculous powers. Instead, this is the story of a woman who spends the majority of her life as a “horizontal” member of society lying down—but who is still able to live, raise a family and still gives glory to God in the midst of her suffering. In Struck Down but Not Destroyed, Smith explains how, she has thrived where others have wilted and that it is all due to the wonder of God's amazing grace.


Spiritual DNA, By Pastor William Brannan
Code: 9781607911913
Price: $16.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Spiritual DNA examines the life Christians receive when they are born again. That life has the potential to reproduce mature sons of God; people who have been conformed into the image of Christ. The book looks at the biblical architecture of church, the family of God which is designed for believers to reach their full potential in Christ. It provides theoretical and practical teachings to help Christians on their journey into spiritual maturity. Finally, it explores the potential impact of the Kingdom of God upon the earth as believers come into their inheritance in Christ

The Law & Gospel: Shadows and Substance of Heaven on Earth
Code: 9781934363768
Price: $18.95
Quantity in Basket: none

By Pastor William Brannan

Our nation is at a crossroads—morality is being legislated by the courts, traditional values are being tossed aside in the name of “progress,” and many Christians seem to have taken the New Testament concept of being “in the world but not of the world” to the extreme, hiding their heads in the sand until they have no relevant foundation upon which to stand and spread the gospel.

In The Law & Gospel, William J. Brannan calls on us as active participants in our faith to not sit idly by, to stand up for our godly principles in ALL areas, including politics, science, technology, and the arts. Using insightful commentaries and sound doctrinal references, Brannan presents the case that it is our duty as ever-growing Christians to engage “the world” and offer an alternative to the doctrines of darkness and sin being presented as the norm in order to be the beacons of faith we are meant to be.

1. Christianity and politics 2. Christian Doctrine 3. Spiritual Life 4. Religion and law 5. Self-actualization-- Religious aspects—Christianity

Soft Cover, 5.5 x 8.5, 344 pages


Wisdom For Financial Success, From a Biblical Perspective
Code: 978-1-934363-93-5
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

By Francine E. Shaw

Today, the United States has been rocked to its very core, because of an economic collapse, that many predict has greater ramifications and is some ways more far reaching than the financial collapse of the Great Depression. But there is good news. We, as Christians, are not under that economy. We are under the economy of God. Those who trust and honor, through obedience the sovereign authority and power of God shall rise above it.

In Wisdom for Financial Success from a Biblical Perspective, Francine Shaw details how God moved her from a place of lack, to a place where not only her needs were met, but she had more than enough to accomplish the Kingdom objectives that God places in her path, according to 2 Corinthians 9:8:

And God [is] able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all [things], may abound to every good work…

Shaw discusses the difference between the world’s economic system and the Kingdom’s of God economic systems. She also discusses strategies, such as, tithing, debt elimination, living within your means and giving your way to true financial success and contentment.

Wisdom for Financial Success from a Biblical Perspective, will help you gain an understanding and desire to seek after God’s truth, and way of doing things so that He can direct your paths, according to Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

ISBN 978-1-934363-93-5
Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
5.5 x 8.5
156 pages


No Matter What; Radical Trust in an Unfailing God
Code: 978-1-934363-94-2
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

When your life is going great and everything is as it should be, it is easy to be a grateful child of God. It is easy to praise Him and to proclaim to the world that you trust Him—that you will obey Him—that you will love Him and follow Him all the days of your life, when everything is going good. But what happens when everything is not right with the world. You find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and you want to leave, but God says to stay. What happens when you are standing in the memorial procession of someone you loved whom you prayed for to live and they died anyway. What happens when the person you trusted most in the world turns their back on you and you are heart broken? What happens when your child, your fifteen year old daughter with tears in her eyes says that she has been molested by someone she should have been able to trust.

Will you sing His praises? Will you pray for the sick? Will you still read your Bible? Will you obey Him? Will you still love Him? Will you trust Him? The answer should still be yes. But for many of us, that “yes” is not so easy. In No Matter What, Radical Trust in An Unfailing God, Cheryl leads you by the hand and through personal examples how to and why we must learn to trust God—no matter what.

We, as God’s children have a promise from Him, that He will never leave, fail us or forsake us. That every situation the enemy designed to destroy us, God will turn it around for our good and His glory. His great desire for us is, for us to be perfect and complete in Him.

We, as God’s children have a promise from Him, that He will never leave, fail us or forsake us. That every situation the enemy designed to destroy us, God will turn it around for our good and His glory. His great desire for us is, for us to be perfect and complete in Him.

If you are longing to walk in the victorious life God promises us throughout His word you must first learn to trust God no matter what!

ISBN 978-1-934363-94-2
SoftCover, Perfect Bound
5.5 x 8.5
128 pages


Banquet Hall By Stephanie Lakey
Code: BH
Price: $9.95
Quantity in Basket: none

The Lord has a banquet table set and filled to overflowing with whatever you need.

Join author, Stephanie Lakey, as she reveals that God is real, and His promises are also true. She shares from her actual life experiences on how Jesus delivered her from the hand of the enemy and as she moved from a life of unholiness to a life wholly dedicated to God.

Stephanie wants you to know that everything written in this book is the truth! They are things that actually happened in her lifetime that she witnessed with her own eyes.

A Special Note to Single Mothers from Stephanie

Follow your dreams and don’t let people make you feel like you can’t make it because you have a lot of children. Let their opinions of you make you stronger. Keep your head up and pray always. Trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because all things are possible. I’m a divorced single parent with six children. We went through many storms and negativity in our lives and we made it, so can you! Fantasia Barrino’s song, “Baby Mama,” was for me and you too.

Soft Cover
90 Pages
5 x 8


Young Women of Destiny; Destined for Success
Code: YWD
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Young Women of Destiny assist girls to chart a positive course through the tumultuous, often awkward, teen age years to be successful young women, capable of achieving their God given destinies. Through stories, practical no holds barred advice and destiny drops, author, Darlene Scales, helps girls to know who and whose they are and that they are awesomely and wonderfully made by the very hand of God.

Destiny Drops ® are small tidbits of love, expressions and scriptures to help encourage girls and reinforce positive choices as they go through their day.

“For I know the thoughts that I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV)

About the Author

Darlene Scales has been an educator in the public school system for over 28 years. Her sole career has been devoted to teaching children to learn. There’s nothing she enjoys more than seeing young people make progress as they move on to the next level.

Over 20 years ago, her husband, Bishop Scales, had a vision to help girls reach their full potential in Christ.

After seeking direct guidance from God, she was inspired to write the book, Young Women of Destiny. She believes if girls can just understand who they are in Christ and gain wisdom, they will be able to make good choices that will catapult them into their destiny. That’s the central theme of the book. Each chapter is devoted to taking the girls on a journey that is designed to help them understand just how special they are in God’s eyes and that they each have a destiny that will be fulfilled when the right choices are made.

ISBN 978-1-934363-97-3
Soft Cover
5.5 x 8.5
64 pages


Selfish Sacrifices; Overcoming the Spirit of Abortion
Code: SS
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Selfish Sacrifice; Overcoming the Spirit of Abortion By Cynthia McLaurin

Selfish Sacrifices is about betrayal and absolute forgiveness. Join the author, Cynthia McLaurin as she takes you on a journey of coming to know and accepting the forgiving power of God after she, in her owns words, “commits murder, not once, but twice, through the act of abortion and how she overcame the torment and condemnation, the enemy of our souls, constantly assaulted her with, day and night for over 20 years, labeled today, as Post Abortion Syndrome.

Cynthia has two purposes for sharing her story. First to disclose the truth about abortion and the far reaching physical, emotional and spiritual scars left on its victims, so that an individual facing the choice will choose life and secondly to offer healing, to those who have suffered through abortion and have felt there was no way out of the anguish, hurt, guilt and humiliation they experience because of the procedure. Cynthia enthusiastically declares throughout her book, that not only will God forgive you and heal you, but He can use you to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies each year that would have otherwise been killed at the hands of an abortionist at the acquiescence of its mother.

“Selfish Sacrifices reads like a novel, a contemporary Christian thriller. I cried with Cynthia as she was molested and physically abused by her father. I was holding her hand as she laid on the table and cried out to the doctor to stop in the middle of the procedure and he just ignored her. My heart dropped, when she revealed, that she was pregnant again, and was considering a second abortion. I was on my knees with her when she cried out to the Father and surrendered to His unconditional love and forgiveness. It is scripturally sound and relevant for today. If you or someone you love is teetering on the pro-choice vs. pro-life issue, Selfish Sacrifices will help the right decision to be made—to choose life. If you have already made the choice and your heart is still aching because of it, buy the book, healing, hope and restoration is available to you today. I was convicted and overwhelmed. Until I read this book, I believed what a women did with her body, was her choice, and carrying a pregnancy to term or not, was one of those choices. I had to stop and repent right then and there, “Lord forgive me, for not holding life as a sacred gift, as you had intended it to be.” The last thing I have to say is BUY THE BOOK it will change your life forever.”

-Joyce Lewis
-Author of the Award Winning Haunz and Gertrude's Great Escape


My Success Journal
Code: MSJ
Price: $12.00
Quantity in Basket: none
A Guided Tour on the Journey to Self-Discovery

Now Available for Pre Order

My Success Journal by Frances Marx, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Guidance Counselor, is designed to help those who use it take an introspective look into their lives.

They will discover, who they really are, their...
. Strengths
. Interests
. Abilities
. Self-talk

And they will begin to understand...
. What makes them special/unique.
. What makes them happy.
. What makes them feel accomplished.
. What motivates them.
. What is their work ethic level.
. They have the power to make changes in their lives.
. How to encourage themselves when times get tough.
. How to evaluate themselves to determine if they are actually living the lives they want to live or are they just thinking or talking about it.
. The importance of and benefits of "the practice of taking time to think things through."
. How to embrace and apply to their lives the principles that will transform them into people of integrity.

Spiral bound and opens flat for ease of use!


Trapped Inside of Me - By Jamietra Hennington
Code: TIOM
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none

But now having been set free from sin, and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness, and the end, everlasting life.
(Romans 6:22)

Have you ever felt trapped—held hostage by a hostile force that you could not see? Doing what you know you should not do, and not doing what you know you should be doing. You are not alone, but there is a way out. The Word of God promises if you seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness—we will be set free from the bondages of sin.

But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.
(Luke 12:31)

Imagine your life full of freedom and you walking in the fullness of God—happy, at peace and pursuing your God given purpose. Free from spiritually compromising behaviors—pride, sexual immorality, selfishness—totally obedient unto God, accepting God’s truths, loving yourself, and full of His life? Trapped Inside of Me provides you the tools and strategies for this life, the life God promises in His Word, to become your reality.

Softcover 5.5 x 8
80 Pages


A Kid at Heart by Pamela Gossiaux
Code: AKAH
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

A Kid at Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father

Are there days when you want to throw down your adult duties and say “ta-ta” to your to-do list, and just be a kid? >

What if you could live “the perfect childhood.” A childhood where you are safe, secure and unconditionally loved. A childhood without worries, where you can sleep peacefully and safely in your soft, comfy bed every night. A childhood where someone bigger has all the right answers, at the right time.

Is it possible to lay aside the anxiety and pressure of being an adult and just enjoy life, like you did when you were a carefree kid?

It is. That is God’s perfect plan for your life.

A Kid at Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father reveals how to hope in the Lord when all hope seems lost. Learn to trust God—your heavenly Father—for all the right answers, and learn how to rely on Him for all your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs.

Whether you had an idyllic childhood with a father who set a godly example, or a childhood with a father who did not provide for you or wasn’t there when you needed him the most; our heavenly Father is calling out to you to be His child. He wants you to crawl into His lap and leave all your problems in His care and to become A Kid at Heart again.

Soft Cover
5.5 x 8.5
157 Pages
ISBN 978-1-938807-12-1


Think Win By Marilyn Parker
Code: TW
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

In In Think Win!, Marilyn Parker has compiled 100 of her favorite quotes from athletes and paired them with scriptures that reinforce the virtues of the words spoken. Her goals in sharing these quotes and bible scriptures are to inspire, encourage and help you to overcome the obstacles that may be blocking you from moving forward in life. Whether your goals include; running a marathon, being a great businessman, a nurturing mom or just a good neighbor, Think Win! may be just the thing you need to position yourself to win in the game of life.

“It’s not what you accomplish in life, it’s what you overcome.”
- Jack Nicklaus: Golf Pro

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 KJV


Showing Up For Your Own Life by John M. Grogan
Code: SUFL
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none

No one sets out in life to be confused, frustrated or to fail, but due to the little foxes that steal our joy, productivity and momentum, the majority of people do not reach their greatest potential. They simply miss the nuances that contribute to an effective life of purpose. Reaching significance isn’t a matter of doing one or two major things well, it’s a matter of Showing Up for Your own Life and living every moment to the fullest.

Showing Up for Your Own Life offers wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from a Biblical perspective. It provides specific examples and insights on how to live a more peaceful and effective life by offering strategies to reduce stress and confusion. It will help you build confidence and self-worth by revealing the things you are already doing right (most people don’t realize they are; as far along as they are) and help to laugh at, overcome, correct and move on from the things that you are not doing so right.

Are you ready! Today is the day for you to start Showing Up for Your Own Life!


Groceries on a Saturday Morning by Joanne Beckman
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Groceries on a Saturday Morning is a book for the thinking Christian, open agnostic, and honest skeptic alike.

Joanne Beckman has written a fine and affecting collection of memoir-like essays. Like Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz or Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies, Beckman ponders the biggest and smallest moments of life and the unspoken assumptions we make about God. In her own distinctive voice, wry and forthright, these stories wrestle with just how closely the divine touches upon our ordinary, often unexamined existence.

Editorial Reviews

Good writing gets you out of yourself, provides a fresh lens on our common journey, and leaves you healthier than when you left. I know only a few who do this as seamlessly as Joanne Beckman in Groceries on a Saturday Morning. This is a wonderful blend of forthright honesty and self-incriminating humor...and somehow, when you realize she s talking to you, your own guilt is eased by her deft expressions. Groceries delivers humane nourishment for the soul.

-Ned Berube, President of the Alliance for Renewal Churches and Director of Whitewater Ministries

...a delightful blend of humorous anecdotes and insightful reflections on ordinary, daily life. Joanne Beckman s writing is refreshingly honest and revealing, giving the reader a window into her heart, mind, and soul.

-Debra Herbeck, Renewal Ministries speaker and author of Safely Through the Storm and Firmly on the Rock

...that rare book...perceptive and delightfully funny. It made me laugh and touched me deeply. Read it and discover a fresh, new voice. You will not want to put it down.

-Ann Spangler, award-winning author of the bestselling books, Praying the Names of God, Praying the Names of Jesus, and Women of the Bible

About the Author

Joanne is a teacher, writer, and editor, and has served in church and lay ministries for the last 27 years. She is an experienced public speaker, with a passion for bringing others into a fuller knowledge of the transforming love of God. Her collection of essays, Groceries on a Saturday Morning: Confessions from Real-Life Christianity, shares stories and reflections from her own transforming (and always humbling) encounters with God.

Pages 172
Soft Cover,5.5 x 8.5


Pass God's Legacy to Your Children One Talk at a Time By Linda Svacha
Code: PGL
Price: $28.95
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Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

You have probably heard that it takes a village to raise children. The author, Linda Svacha, also believes, it takes a group effort to raise children. Today, instead of saying, “it takes a village,” she says, “It takes a football team.” Why a football team? In football, just like in raising your family, there is an opposing team whose goal is to block progress to your end-zone, score the most points and win the game. But the prize is much more than just a trophy—it is your children’s eternal destination. Because of the aggressive strategy of cultural and moral relativism of our society, Svacha believes, it will take a team to come along side parents to block the opposing team’s strategy and help you win the ultimate prize for your children—a life in Christ.

Pass God’s Legacy To Your Children One Talk At a Time is for parents and caregivers who want to be the “voice of reason” in children’s lives in our “everything goes” culture. It has practical and spiritual insights and actual conversations suggestions to have with your child to block the onslaught of the opposing team and clear the path for them to live a life that glorifies God and makes a positive contribution to society at large.

This book equips parents and caregivers with a game plan to Pass God’s Legacy To Your Children One Talk At a Time in a way they will not only listen too, but will carry what they have learned into their adult lives and pass it on to future generations.

7.5 x 9.5 Soft Cover
324 pages


The Secret to Successful Relationships by Dr. Dara Rutley
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“I have known Dr. Dara Rutley for only a few years but since that time I have witnessed her to be a dedicated “full-time Christian.” I say that because in this evil world we are living in today I find, unfortunately, that more and more we, as Christians, are compromising our values and standards just to “fit in” or to be accepted by the World’s standards. We don’t seem to realize that by doing so we are not fulfilling the mandate to be lights in a dark world.

Ye are the light of the world...Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven(Matthew 5:14 & 16).

In her book, The Secret to Successful Relationships, Dr. Rutley eloquently, yet simply, explains Christian relationships in many different aspects and in doing so calls on not only her knowledge in the Word, but is transparent in her own experience and testimonies. I enjoyed reading how she not only advises Christians how they must act, react and interact in many situations according to the Word of God but in most instances interjects her own experiences and how they worked out.

I definitely believe that this book will be a great help to many Christians as we daily strive to walk in the spirit so we won’t fulfill the lusts and temptations of the flesh. Thank you Dr. Rutley.
Delores “Mom” Winans

Dr. Rutley’s prayer is that by reading The Secret To Successful Relationships, you walk away with the insight that it is imperative to align yourself vertically with God and when you do then all your other horizontal relationships will become successful.

5.5x 8.5 Softcover
154 pages


The Whole Truth, Written by Judith B. Henry
Code: TWT
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A Chronological Overview of the Entire Bible

“The Truth will make you free” —Jesus
John 8:32

The wisdom of the ages revealed in the Bible is sometimes difficult to understand. The Whole Truth helps to make it simple.

This colorful and compelling book has fifty-two chapters, to accompany reading the Bible through, chronologically, in one year. Reading the whole Bible is a life-changing experience! The truths found in the pages of the Bible can sustain us through life’s trials and prepare us for eternity with our Savior.

The Whole Truth can be read individually or taught in small groups year after year, because there is no end to the truth of God’s revelation and His love.

About the Author Judith B. Henry

Judy B. Henry is, first and foremost, a follower of Jesus Christ, and has been since childhood. She and her husband, Mike, are active members of Bluegrass Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. She is involved in teaching, Worship Ministry and in mission exchanges with Japan.

Book-publishing is a pleasant surprise in Judy’s life. In 2002, she was asked to teach a Wednesday night Bible overview at her church, which became the bare-bones of this book. In 2010, she challenged her Life Group to read the Bible through in 2010 and began writing the weekly lessons that have become The Whole Truth.

8.5 x 11.5 Soft Cover
Full Cover, Brilliant Illustration
262 pages


Repairing the Breach By William T. Hodge
Code: RTB
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The Restoration of Our Innocence

One of the greatest gifts we can give to the Lord and each other is to be ourselves and become who we were created to be. Some of us spend most, if not all of our lives trying to figure out why we were born, and what were we put on this Earth to do. Many have sat for years in the pews of our church buildings, just to leave empty, still wondering and asking that ancient question; “who am I?”

By applying the tools so freely given in Repairing the Breach, By Apostle William Hodge, the live many men and women has been transformed. before my very eyes. Denise Corcoran, fellow apostle puts it this way, "When we finally get the revelation that we were sent here on purpose for a purpose, that we have value and gifts, there is no stopping at what can be done. Let’s face it; we all need restoration in some way or another. Satan’s lies and tricks start even before we exit our mothers’ womb."

About the Auhtor Brother William T. Hodge

William T. Hodge is a true apostle; an apostle of restoration and restorer of the breach. He has a deep understanding of the “Voice of God,” especially when sounding this Voice with the shofar at various assignments and strategic places. He holds shofar workshops, restoration seminars, how to raise up prayer booths, and is a beloved speaker and teacher across the USA. William’s heart and calling is an Isaiah 58 Ministry.

5 x 8 Softcover
148 Pages

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Be Ye Transformed by Bishop Sheldon Newton
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How to Become the Victorious Being You were Created to Be…

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

For you to be transformed is the will of God. It pleases Him. In order for you to be transformed and become who God created you to be, you must first have faith and believe it is possible, and that He rewards those who meticulously apply His ways to their life (Hebrew 11:6). Now that is good news! God Almighty, is watching and waiting to reward you, not to punish you.

But there is an exchanged required...

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ (Ephesian 1:3.

The exchange…It is our responsibility as individual believers in Christ Jesus, to choose God, and His way of being and doing right. If we do not exercise this responsibility, there is no one to blame but ourselves. We are responsible for the subjection of our own mind, will, emotions and bodies to the will of God. This is an individual responsibility. Yes, it personal.

God has already given us every spiritual blessing to be transformed; now it is time for us to walk in…are you ready to Be Ye Transformed!

About the Author, Bishop Sheldon Newton

Sheldon D. Newton is a Bible Teacher, seminar leader and prolific author who delivers the Word of God with clarity and understanding. His mission is to teach believers how to live in victory and in close communion with God. He is the Senior Pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, located in Nassau, Bahamas. Bishop Newton has preached and taught the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty years.


Worshipers, Not Worship
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God is not searching for random acts of worship. He's searching for worshipers "But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers"(John 4:23). These few pages are about His desire to have a people truly called by His name; a people who have abandoned the word only gospel, "for our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction; just as you know what kind of men we proved to be among you for your sake" (1 Thessalonians 1:5) and have taken up the Biblical Gospel, which goes forth in power and demonstration of the Spirit. All of our random acts of worship have led to one unfortunate conclusion, we have lost Jesus. We must have the humility to acknowledge that we have lost Him, and desperately search for Him like the woman who lost her coin, “Or what woman, if she has ten silver coins and loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? When she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the coin which I had lost!’ In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:8-10).

Soft Cover, Perfect bound
5.5 x 8.5
150 page

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The Key to Understanding Revelation
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For years people would ask author, Jim Knotek, his opinion of The Mark of the Beast—666, Armageddon, the Millennium and other topics in the Book of Revelation. He was convinced that Revelation is a book of historical and prophetical parallels, not a chapter by chapter chronological or linear account. Chapter Twelve focuses on the birth of Jesus Christ, which is in the middle of the book! How could that be if it were a linear account? Furthermore, there are several events that are described more than once, paralleling one another.

The rapture, which is a coined word from the 1800s is not a biblical word. What about the Seven Years of Tribulation? That statement is nowhere to be found in the Bible. If we are to understand the Apostle John’s Revelation, we must allow scripture to interpret scripture. We cannot use current events, as many authors have done. All of their books have become outdated as time passes. Truly, there must be a key to help us understand Revelation more clearly.

This book is an enlargement of Pastor Jim Knotek’s previous book, Unlocking the Mystery of Revelation. It is written in laymen’s terms and is an excellent commentary for teachers and pastors who may have hesitated to teach a class on Revelation.

About the Author

Pastor Jim Knotek is a graduate of Andrews University, M.A., and Concordia Theological Seminary, M.Div., majoring in New Testament and Biblical Languages. He has served several congregations in southern California, including Capistrano Beach and Huntington Beach.

Pastor Knotek is also the author of Angels and Miracles, Grief and Hope, a book that was written in tribute to first his wife, Ruth, who departed to be with her Lord in 2010 due to Alzheimer’s disease.


A Practical Christian's Guide to Emotional Healing
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For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

It can be confusing for Christians in today’s world who have an emotional problem to work on, but are surrounded by ads touting hypnosis as the cure. These Christians know in their hearts that there must be another way, but what? “A Practical Christian’s Guide To Emotional Healing,” shows you how you can heal anything with Christ and your Bible. This book is a message of hope. Hope for a brighter, better, more joyful life for you and your family. But, just as a baby is not born the day it is conceived, so too a new you will take time and preparation. Just as a child brings parents joy along with new, unimagined, opportunities and directions, your new attitudes will do the same for you.


You Never Walk Alone by Dr. Terra DeFoe
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You Never Walk Alone will remind you of a greater faith, that although one may suffer the effects of loneliness while walking through life, you are never truly “alone.” You Never Walk Alone will encourage you to connect with a faith that is built upon trusting in the reality of a loving, kind, friend named Jesus; who walks with us through life and assists us when no one else can.

You Never Walk Alone guides you through life’s challenges and what were once overcoming circumstances by realizing that at every turn, there is someone to walk with you. This book has been designed to set you free from the bondage of depression and loneliness which affects our next steps and forward progress. Loneliness can swallow those who feel as if they are alone with feelings of regret, bitterness, frustration, anger and disappointment. Our new truth must become that we are never alone. Contained within this book are basic examples to identify and to overcome adversity by walking with triumphant faith. Read it and be encouraged…Read it and take heart in realizing that the essence of God and life is love. From (God’s) love we originate and to (God’s) love we must return.

About the Author

Dr. Terra DeFoe is the author of Saving the Best Dance for Last and host of the inspirational informative talk show on the Impact Network, “On the Floor with Dr. Terra DeFoe.” Her insight into overcoming life’s challenges is cemented by an outstanding testimony and an anointing to help individuals and communities impacted by the absence of faith, hope and love.


Living Straight in A Twisted Generation
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Have you ever felt like your life was stuck because of your past mistakes, personal struggles or circle of people?

If you have looked at your life and said within yourself, "There has to be more than this." That inward longing for a better life is not just frustration, but rather it is your God given destiny calling you higher. In a generation where the status quo is often times accepted as the new normal. There is still a generation of people, young and old, that will not be satisfied with being part of the crowd. They will not be satisfied until they have left a lasting mark in their circles of influence.

The author, Brandon Greene, a young pastor that has been in ministry since the age of 15. He has been and is currently the Senior Pastor of an influential church since the age of 20 and is now leading those twice his age. He knows from personal experience what it is like to break free from the limitations and small thinking of those around you to pursue your highest potential against all odds. Join Brandon to discover how to live straight in a twisted generation and release the power of your potential to become everything you have always dreamed of being. You'll learn how to break free from personal struggles, overcome past mistakes and leave meaningless relationships in the rear view mirror of your life. It is Pastor Greene’s belief that, “You were born to be set apart, so don't waste another second trying to fit in.”


  Summer Snowstorm, Drs. Henry and Jeannine Ogle
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Four siblings, ranging in age from five to seventeen years old, while on a summer hiking trip, notice something strange. A young girl on a distant hill was being bullied; the children began to pray. The girl was then pushed and began to roll down a hill, as the siblings ran to save her the seasons magically began to change, from warm to cool, then cold, and finally freezing and the girl ends up on a frozen river. Once the children get to the young girl now perched on the ice, the falling snow thickens and the children can’t see what is happening around them. “What’s going on?!” The girl screamed. “I don’t know,” the oldest boy in the group answered. “Trust God. He just supernaturally saved your life.” Join the children as they go on an amazing adventure where the miracles of God change their perceptions from doubting to faith and from death to life.

Woman the Center of God's Plan for Humanity by Rosemary James
Code: 9781938807626
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Why are woman important to God, because they were created to be a “perfect” Help mate to Adam and therefor a perfect Helper to God, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Discover how you were hand picked by God to help His Kingdom Come.

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