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Christian Fiction

A Decision of the Heart By: Donna Rhine
Code: CF-9781934363010
Price: $8.00
Quantity in Basket: none

A Decision of the Heart

“He’s the epitome of all I didn’t want in a husband!”

1824 – Ypsilanti, Michigan Territory

Feisty and daring, Elizabeth Somers thrives on adventure. When tragedy strikes and she’s stranded with a broken ankle in the midst of a raging snowstorm, her carefree existence comes to an abrupt halt. An abominable snow-covered man rescues her from an icy grave, taking her to an abandoned cabin to wait out the storm. Elizabeth’s reputation is called into question once the small-town gossips get wind of their stay. Her life spins out of control. She’s powerless to stop it…

“Elizabeth, your mother and I have discussed this and agree. The only way to stop the rumors is for you to marry right away.”
She paled instantly, horrified by her father’s words. How could he even suggest such a thing?
An emphatic “No!” was her enraged reply.“
You’ll be married tonight, Elizabeth.”
Not tonight! I can’t marry him tonight!

A Decision of the Heart is not just a moving story of faith rising above suffering, slander, and life’s circumstances, it’s about a tender love that begins with a decision – A Decision of the Heart.

DONNA RHINE, having experienced firsthand the impact creative writing can have on an individual, is compelled to write. Whether she is creating novels, testimonials, memory booklets, or sketches for the drama team and other ministries, sharing her passion for writing is a huge part of her spiritual journey, drawing her ever closer to her Heavenly Father, the dearest friend she has ever known.

Donna resides in Michigan with Stephen, her cherished husband of thirty years, their son Joshua, dogs Cleopatra and Ebenezer, and turtles Spike and Spark. Their three daughters live close by with their husbands and Rhine's twelve grandchildren.

To God be the glory for the things He has done, is doing, and will do through this servant… Donna Rhine welcomes comments from her readers. She can be reached through her email at:

“Donna Rhine is an artist who colors her canvas with words. In A Decision of the Heart, she takes the reader back in time with a wonderfully compelling story of life and love. It’s impossible not to be drawn into the saga of the trials and struggles of a young couple in a very different and diffi cult time, sprinkled with the non-changing grace of the Lord. One can only hope that there will be many further offerings in the Michigan Chronicles series.”
-Rocky Barra, Pastor of Tri-City Christian Church, Canton, Michigan

ISBN: 978-1-934363-01-0
Softcover 6 x 9
416 pages

Suspended - A Novel, By Geraldine Davis
Code: SUSP
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Suspended is the debut novel of author, Geraldine Davis. It is a contemporary urban love story, centered around Naturallee Joy whose life has been on hold every since her mentally ill mother abandoned her, and her 12 siblings in search of peace. The mother not only finds peace, she finds true love which soothes her mental anguish, but passes away before she is reunited with her family. In an odd twist of fate Naturallee Joy not only finds peace and love, but is freed from the demons of her past when she discovers what happened to her mother and is required to live on her step-father’s estate for twelve months before she can receive her inheritance.

Soft Cover, 398 pages

6 x 9


Grace's Decision by Christie Cook
Code: GD
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Set in the mid-1800’s Grace is a young woman who is faced with the challenge of an uncertain future in swiftly changing times. She is asked to leave her comfortable home and everything she knows to begin a new life as a teacher in a wilderness town. Grace is positive it is God’s will for her life, so she bravely embarks on the tumultuous journey. However, opposition arises when an enemy seeks to impede her progress and ultimately destroy her. Will Grace endure? In the midst of this Grace is faced with a decision of the heart. Will her decision reflect God’s will or will she go her own way?

This is the story of a young woman who is faithfully pursuing God’s will and direction for her life against all odds. Grace is faced with many obstacles which may shape her future in unpredictable ways. In her first novel, author Christie Cook, desires that through Grace’s Decision and her trials and triumphs, the reader will learn to rely on and trust in God, who has a plan for our lives and knows the end from the beginning.

384 Pages
Soft cover
5.5 x 8


encounter - a novel by John O'Shaughnessy
Code: ENC
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none

“This story of mine is kind of like a rainbow. Colorful lines leading somewhere and nowhere, where does it begin and when does it end.” Jimmy Fitzsimons

Jimmy Fitzsimons is 15-years old and questions many things, including heaven. He loves baseball and his mother, but after her sudden death, he questions even more things. He feels lost, as the only person he’s ever loved has been taken from him. Then four months later, on the night of the great mystery, Jimmy is given last rites and soon after pronounced dead from wounds he suffers in a fire. He awakens in the afterlife, where someone is waiting for him.

What follows is a journey many of us would love to have. To speak again with someone we loved and lost. To learn the truth. To forgive. And to have back a chance to say goodbye.

Jimmy is dead for over five minutes before his heart starts beating again. After he recovers from his wounds, he tells his story and the lessons he learns to the only person he thinks will believe him—a priest. A story of an extraordinary encounter, somewhere between this life and the next, with his mother who he thought he had lost forever, but somehow, found again.

About the Author, John O'Shaughnessy

John O’Shaughnessy is also the author of a memoir, The Greatest Gift-A Return to Hope. He is also a Certified Grief Counselor and Co-Founder with his wife Sandy, of Good Mourning Ministry, a Catholic bereavement organization located in Plymouth Michigan. John and Sandy are both widowed. Together they have four children, Eric, Collin, Morgan and Ryan. In 2012 they welcomed Collin’s wife Kimberly into the family. You can find out more about the author and his ministry at

5.5 x 8.5 Soft Cover
330 pages


Patiently Waiting by Patreece "Kandy Yanna" Applewhite
Code: PATW
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Patiently Waiting

Karenna is every woman. She has faced and overcome many obstacles in her life; from financial struggles, returning to school later in life, to raising three children as a single mother, as well as the day to day struggle of just keeping it all together. She is doing what she can, to take care of her kids and try to get a little pleasure out of life along the way. But what she longed for was something more. Someone to love her, support her and to treat her like Boaz treated Ruth, a couple she had read about in The Bible. But up until now every relationship she had, had fell short of her hopes and dreams. Then she had an encounter with God and everything changed. This experience revealed to her, that she was living for herself and not God and by living for herself she was missing what God had for her. She now must face the task of relearning who she is. What she needs, verses what she thought she wanted.

Her encounter with God left an aroma on her that got the attention of Kasey Maverick, a handsome, middle-aged man that seemed out of her league—socially, emotionally, financially and spiritually. But she knew there was something special about him, and he was her Boaz. But in order for her to be prepared for her God-given mate, the residue of her past; the rape, promiscuity, depression, low self-esteem and the feelings of unworthiness had to be washed away. All she could do was wait and submit to the work God was doing in her. The waiting taught her patience, and patience built an endurance to handle just about anything that life through her way. It also taught her that anything is possible with God, and when you put God first in your life everything else that is your heart’s desire would follow— including her Boaz.

About the AuthorPatreece "Kandy Yanna" Applewhite

Patreece “Kandy Yanna” Applewhite is a single mother of four. She started writing in the sixth grade. God gave her the desire to publish her writings about six years ago. Patiently Waiting is the first of many. She is trusting and believing that Patiently Waiting will touch and inspire you to patiently wait and allow God to lead you to where He would have you to be. Because where God is there is liberty and fullness of joy forever more.

Paper Back, Soft Cover 5 x 8
87 pages


What Would You Do If You Found a Box?
Code: WWYD
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket: none

What would you do if you found a box? is a fun story about a child s curiosity, change of plans and their ability to love without judgement. Join our friends as they make a big decision. What Would You Do If You Found A Box? Not just any old box, but a box that rocks. A box with scratching sounds coming from inside. What would you do? Would you stay at the park and play or take the box home right away?

About the Author

C. R. Fox is a radio morning show host, comedian, and poet. He lives in Greensboro,North Carolina which is perfect for his snowboarding addiction. He spends his free time brushing his teeth. He also loves cleaning the cat box, martial arts and working out, but not in that order! This is Chris' first book.


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